Weekly News Update – 17th February

Written by Argumentful

We’re starting a new section on this blog to include interesting news we’ve stumbled upon over the last week. It will all be related to science or critical thinking and we’ll try to keep cat and puppy videos to a minimum.

The state of technology in 1932 – The tele-writer

This nice video shows how handwriting was transmitted from the Central Telegraph Office in London using the “tele-writer”. It didn’t use OCR or the Internet but looks equally impressive.

Bats have an impressive immune system

An interesting article from Science News explains why viruses transmitted from bats to other animal or to man are so powerful although bats don’t seem to mind it that much.

I won’t rat on you if you don’t rat on me

Phys.org cites a study from the Proceedings of the Royal Society on how rats work together.

I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine: How rats help each other out

Amazon’s tricky interview question

Slashdot shared with their subscribers the problem that Amazon allegedly asks during hiring interviews. Point b) is a reasonable question for critical thinking, point a) requires some maths but, luckily, the Internet has some guidance for it as well.

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