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For those who want to develop critical thinking and improve their argumentation and writing skills, Argumentful is an argument mapping tool that helps create a visual representation of arguments, automatically measuring the credibility of its claims and helping produce better critical analytical writing for your marked papers.


This is what a subscription offers:

Argument Mapping Tool

Software-as-a-Service Argument mapping tool with confidence scoring and text generation

Consulting Services

Deploying all services for you, assisting with configuration and integration with business applications and cloud services


Make the most out of our innovative tool with training on argumentation techniques, cloud services and data analysis


Ensure a smooth ramp-up with our Premier support services

Visual Map Containing Arguments: Statements, Sources of Information and Conclusion

Create argument maps in any browser

Draw argument maps by adding elements like sources, statement and conclusions and show logical links between them as arrows. This is done visually and works in any modern browser, including on tablets or phones.

Confidence Calculator

Automated rule-based calculation

Calculate the confidence of a statement automatically. This relies on the types of backing sources of information and many rules that make the calculation fairer, as well as machine learning models to constantly improve the precision.

And remember: an unsupported statement will always have 0% confidence!

Pie Chart of a Statement’s Components

Use Composites for consistent criteria

When you’re saying that something is “good”, you must be able to provide the criteria used for judging that. Argumentful achieves this with Composites, which specify the various parts that make up a value statement as well as their weights.

Text Generator

Convert argument maps to text

Argumentful is able to transform an argument map into text. This takes into account the sources for each statement and the calculated confidence and will even generate a list of references to sources of information. You can choose to generate section placeholders to add extra content for introductions or just go without placeholders for a text that requires next to no editing.

Knowledge Base- for Assignment’s References

Search academic bookmarked knowledge sources

URLs, studies or any research that you’ve bookmarked will be searchable and can be reused by your whole organisation or team. Our enhanced search tool will even let you easily sort and filter by category.

Export/ Publish Argument Map

Share your projects with teams

Argument maps can be published so any team member (or the public) can view them in read-only mode. This is how our blog posts show argument maps.

Embed in Web Pages

Show argument maps on your site

Any shared project can be easily embedded in a web page using an IFrame. Get the HTML code snippet straight from the project editor and display the viewer in any page to show your users how a conclusion was reached. Check here how we’ve used this in the Argumentful blog.


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