About Us

We created Argumentful because we believe that critical thinking and applying the scientific method are the only ways to combat misinformation. Our team has skills that complement each other in a beautiful way: computer programming and teaching critical thinking, but above all, we all like to think of ourselves as rational people. We hope that the adoption of this tool will not only provide a checklist of critical thinking concepts to be applied whenever making a judgement, but will also enable the assessment of complex topics based on very transparent criteria and deduction steps.

We believe that more knowledge is better than less knowledge and the best way to achieve that is by doing what we as humans have always been doing to move ahead – observing, experimenting, making hypotheses, testing and refining.

It is free, rational thinkers who are changing the world, one rational decision at a time.

Even if you have a good grasp of the methods employed by politicians or corporations to change public’s perception, it’s still the Wild West out there. You’re not alone if you find it confusing and overwhelming.

We know that developing critical thinking is something which every person can do.

We want to help with that.

Argumentful Team